Who is Convergenz?

convergenz (kən-ˈvər-jəns) 1. the merging of distinct technologies, industries, or devices into a unified whole.

At the Convergenz Institute of Coaching and Consulting, we have converged the practical applications of the real world of coaching and consulting, with the discipline and technical training of academia, to form a program that will equip you to handle the business challenges of our complex economic environment.

Partnering with the faculty and staff of Williamson College, the Convergenz Institute for Coaching & Consulting provides a learning center and resource for those individuals that wish to pursue a career in Business Coaching and Business Consulting.  You will find our programs to be rigorous, pertinent, and practical to you and your clients.  With both degree and non-degree programs available, these programs will equip business coaches and consultants with the skills, tools, and techniques, critical for service to their clients.

Additionally, our partnership with Williamson College enables us to offer you college credit, while you are working toward your certification.  We offer you the flexibility to choose which track is best for you, having confidence that the professors, and classroom will be the same, regardless of your chosen path.  

To ensure your success, you will have one of our certified coaches or consultants available to walk beside you through your journey.  You will find their experience to be valuable, not only to the completion of the curriculum but also to the success of your coaching practice.

Our goal at the Convergenz Institute of Coaching and Consulting is to offer certification programs to coaches and consultants seeking to develop and sharpen their skill sets, at an affordable cost.

For those, seeking a graduate level certificate, a deeper dive into the curriculum is offered through the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with Business Coaching or Business Consulting as an emphasis.

For those not seeking an academic certificate, the identical curriculum, with the same professors, is offered through the Convergenz Institute of Coaching at a discounted price.

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